Each Wednesday evening during the school year, children are invited to Concordia Kids Night. This experience for children will consist of four different activities, all designed to strengthen their relationship with God and with each other.

Kids Song (5:00-5:35pm)

Our children's choir led by Stacy and Brendan Knorp for kids who love to sing for Jesus. Kids Song prepares kids to present special songs in worship.

Dinner (5:30-6:10pm)

Kids share a meal together and celebrate being a part of God’s family as they grow in relationship with each other and with caring adults of Concordia. Meals prepared by our fabulous chef, Mary Vann, and our Krazy Kitchen Krew. Mary and Krew are amazing and the food is so good! 

Bible Study and Recreation

Concordia Kids Night is designed to support the home, the primary environment for faith formation. It is for all children of our congregation and invited friends. Contact Rebecca Schultz or Kristin Anderson for more information.

What to Expect?
You can expect your child to:
  • grow in relationship with Jesus
  • build their knowledge of Scripture
  • make new friends in their church family
  • build relationships with Christian caring adults
  • have lots of fun
  • develop a better understanding of worship
  • learn a variety of ways to offer their gifts in worship
  • discover that they are an integral and valued part of the church

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